The Plant-Based Dilemma: There isn't one!

A frequent misconception about vegan eating is that it’s very restrictive. But with the variety of choices available, eating plant-based is simple and delicious.

By Vicki Martinez

The Versatility of Veggies

Your grocer’s produce section is full of whole foods that stand up deliciously to all kinds of cooking techniques, from baked or broiled, to steamed, grilled, added to soup or puréed. When starting out cooking more plant-based, experiment with different vegetables using various cooking styles to find out what you really like.

Out with the old, in with the new

One of a plant-based diet’s (or any new diet’s) challenges is breaking old habits. And just like trying to quit smoking, it’s not recommended to go cold turkey on meat. When transitioning from an animal-based diet to fully plant-based, there are ways to make the transition smooth and easy.

Here are several transitioning tips from the experts:

At first, don’t focus on eliminating foods. Instead, create a list of “vegan foods that you already enjoy or would like to try. Jot them down and try them this week.” Neal D. Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C.—The Vegan Starter Kit, 2018

“Make the best choices the most convenient, attractive and commonplace . . . the overall goal here is to have to 
use your willpower as little as possible.” Thomas Campbell, M.D.—The China Study Solution, 2015

“Eat one plant-based meal daily for 11 days. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner—or you can mix it up, eating your plant-based meal at breakfast one day, lunch the next and dinner the next…” Marco Borges—The Greenprint, 2018

Salad’s Only the Start

There’s no limit when it comes to being creative with plant-based meals. You can still enjoy classic hearty dishes using a few simple substitutions and tweaks.



vegan chickpea tacos



No need to ditch Taco Tuesday (high-fives all around!). You can put just about anything into a whole-grain tortilla. Add mushrooms, tempeh, spaghetti squash, marinated tofu or simply pile on the veggies.


Learn to Love Legumes

Get to know this group of plant foods. Legumes such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans—green, navy, kidney, soy, pinto—and peanuts are important sources of protein and fiber.


Did you know? Plant-based eating practically guarantees a diet low in saturated fat and takes cholesterol out of the equation.

Get Your Grill On

Grills don’t discriminate. They’ll cook vegetables as good as (or better than) any burger, brat or steak. The smoky-sweet flavors of lightly charred vegetables add a new dimension to any plant-based meal. Ever wonder why mushrooms are often described as meaty? Try Avocado Portobello Burgers and you’ll never ask, “where’s the beef?” again.

Of course, always make sure to save room for dessert. For some helpful tips on vegan baking, read What, No Butter? Vegan Baking Tips.


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Disclaimer: All health claims are via studies and research highlighted in this article, and are not made by Pure Blends.