Niacinamide for Healthy Skin
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Niacinamide for Healthy Skin

Protect your skin inside and out with this powerful antioxidant.

By Karen Truhe, M.P.H.

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Using a form of vitamin B3, niacinamide, for healthy skin has proven benefits.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to environmental toxins and pollutants. Healthy organs—including our skin, which averages at an area of about 20 square feet—work to filter out and eliminate these toxins.

A balanced diet goes a long way in ensuring that toxins aren’t built up and stored in the skin and tissues. Supplements aren’t a cure-all, but they can help fill in nutritional gaps in our diets.

B vitamins, like vitamin B3, help nourish the skin. When taken orally, vitamin B3 (or niacin) can boost brain health, reduce cholesterol and even ease pain from arthritis. One form of vitamin B3 known as niacinamide (found in meat, fish, milk and eggs) is clinically proven to benefit your skin. In one study, subjects who took niacinamide had a lower rate of skin cancer than subjects who took a placebo. Study participants took 500 mg twice daily, which was considered both safe and effective.

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When applied topically, studies have also shown that niacinamide can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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Support your skin even more by adding nutritious, whole foods to your diet. The American Skin Association ranks vitamin A; B vitamins such as B2, B3 and B6; and vitamins C and D as the most helpful for healthy skin. Fatty fish like wild salmon is an excellent source of vitamin D, as well as niacin and B6.

One of the best ways to treat your skin: Ensure you’re drinking at least eight cups of water each day, and eat hydrating foods like watermelon, lettuce and strawberries.

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