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Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Upgrade your next cup of java with these nutrient-heavy add-ins. Did we mention they’re delicious?

By Kellee Katagi

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Unless you’re a black-coffee purist—or even if  you are—consider livening up your next brew with healthier fare than sugar and traditional creamers. You’ll discover indulgent flavors, plus a bonus dash of nutrition. If any of these add-ins overpowers the coffee, first temper it with a splash of full-fat dairy (the latest research suggests this is healthier than lower-fat options) or nondairy milk alternatives—and then use a little less the next time.


Experiment to find your favorites. Popular choices include cinnamon, ginger or cardamom. If you’re adventurous, try turmeric, but save the nutmeg for your eggnog—it doesn’t mesh well with coffee’s bitter flavor. You can mix spices directly into brewed coffee or mix them in with the grounds before brewing.


Try a bit of coconut oil, milk or even water. Each offer nutritional benefits and a taste of the tropics—just enough to get you island-dreaming midwinter.

Extracts or Essential Oils

Swap out sugary syrups for a few flavorful drops of an extract—such as vanilla, almond or peppermint—or an ingestible essential oil.


For a taste-free protein addition, stir in a spoonful of collagen powder. Look for the hydrolysate form to ensure that it will dissolve versus congeal. (Turn to “The Latest on Collagen” on page 70 for more about collagen’s benefits.)

Mushroom Powder

If you don’t mind a bit of an earthy flavor, add some mushroom powder, which may strengthen your immune system and boost your energy with regular use.

Ghee or Clarified Butter

This secret has been out for a while now. Proponents like this mix-in for its rich texture and what many argue are healthy fats. 

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