Plant-based Supplements for Glowing Skin
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Plant-based Supplements for Glowing Skin

Along with moisturizer, a number of natural, plant-based supplements for skin can help you combat signs of aging.

By Karen Truhe, M.P.H.

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We used to think that all we needed to maintain a youthful glow and keep wrinkles at bay was a good face cream, but supplements for your skin could help, too.

Somewhere along the way, scientists discovered that what we eat, getting enough rest, stress and other environmental conditions were also factors that affected our skin.

The outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) is in a constant renewal process, and cells are completely regenerated in about 28 days. This process slows down as we get older, which is why it takes longer for cuts to heal and bruises to go away. This is also why lines and wrinkles develop.

With more and more studies supporting a gut-skin connection, health experts advise eating a healthy, balanced diet with a variety of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and other vitamin-rich whole foods.

Phytoceramide Supplements for Skin

Supplementing with ceramides, which are lipids that are already present in our skin, can help combat skin dryness by locking in moisture and protect from environmental toxins.

The science supports using both oral and topical plant-based ceramide supplements for skin called phytoceramides to support healthy skin.


Reserveage Nutrition Collagen Hydra Booster with Phytoceramides

Take 1 capsule twice daily, and you could start to see smoother, more supple skin in just over two weeks.

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

This non-drying, non-irritating facial wash will help restore and protect the barrier of delicate facial skin.

Adaptogen Supplements for Skin

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Given our packed schedules and constant multi-tasking, there’s no doubt life can be stressful at times. The impact can raise cortisol levels and wreak havoc on the skin.

Adaptogens increase the body’s ability to adapt to stressors and can help prevent stress’s damaging effects—such as skin dryness and damage to collagen and elastin.

Adaptogenic mushroom supplements can help your skin by lowering stress, promoting sleep and reducing inflammation.


SoTru Organic Fermented Medicinal Mushroom Drink Mix

Add one scoop to your favorite beverage to stress and immune system support.

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Super Hydration Sleepover Mask

This creamy mask contains essential lipids, antioxidants and natural mushrooms extracts to hydrate dry skin.

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