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The acai (pronounced AH-sigh-EE) palm tree is native to tropical areas in Central and South America. The fruit of the tree is a deep purple color and has long been an important food source for indigenous peoples in the Amazon region.

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›  Health benefits

Very little research has been done on the health effects of acai. A preliminary study suggested that eating the pulp of the fruit may reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels in overweight people. The fruit may also have antioxidant properties. Acai has been marketed in the U.S. for weight loss and anti-aging purposes. However, there is no current research to support these claims.

›  How much do I need?

The dosage amount varies depending on age and what it is being used for. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels, and consult your pharmacist, physician or other healthcare professional before using.

›  Dietary supplements

Acai products can be found as juices, powders, tablets and capsules.

Source: National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Please consult your health care provider before making changes to your vitamin/supplement regimen.

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