Pasta Lovers Unite. It’s Time to Celebrate.

Forget the Halloween treats. October is the month for pasta. Find out why this classic food warrants International attention.

By Vicki Martinez

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Pasta Lovers Unite.
It's Time to Celebrate.

Forget the Halloween treats. October is the month for pasta. Find out why
this classic food warrants international attention.

By Vicki Martinez

Che bello! (keh behl-loh) How lovely! Your timing is perfect because October is the month to party for pasta.

In fact, pasta lovers from around the world will take fork (or spoon) in hand, paying homage to this culinary delight. Whether it’s a light, refreshing, flavor-packed pasta primavera or a thick, rich, hearty lasagna, chefs and home-cooks will celebrate the delicious cuisine inspired by Italy on October 17th.

The Origins of World Pasta Day

The celebration became an international event after the first-ever World Pasta Congress convened in 1995. The two-day event (held in Rome, where else?) united pasta makers, grain producers, manufacturers of pasta making equipment, scientists and nutritionists, and international experts on food policy. Organized by the Union of Italian Industrial Pasta Manufacturers, the conference consisted of almost 500 delegates from 40 different countries. The roster included representatives from many of the world’s largest pasta producers, including China, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States.

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For two days the diverse crowd united to share ideas on everything from proper cooking techniques and sauce pairings (al denteis the way to go) and methods for efficient production, to the nutritional value of pasta and strategies to promote its merits and versatility globally. It’s the latter that spurred the unanimous declaration of October 17th as World Pasta Day.

Perhaps you’re thinking that one day isn’t enough time to celebrate the variety of delicious dishes available? Well, don’t get your tortellini in a twist. Here in the U.S., we’ve taken the celebration to a new level.

And with good reason.

Recently, the National Pasta Association asked Americans about their favorite foods. The survey revealed that 6 out of 10 say pasta—even more than chocolate!—is the one food they couldn’t live without. Considering the U.S. is the second largest consumer of pasta annually, eating pasta dishes an average of twice a week, it’s fitting that we’ve set aside an entire month to celebrate the stuff.

Join your fellow lovers of pasta this October by celebrating National Pasta Month.

In addition to enjoying this classic food, here are a few things you can do to celebrate pasta in October:

  • The history of pasta is as robust as the sauces it can be paired with. Take some time to learn the facts and myths about pasta (spoiler alert: Marco Polo did not discover it).
  • Discover 10 good reasons to eat pasta
  • Explore the health benefits of pasta
  • Gather with family and friends on multiple occasions to share favorite dishes and recipes.

To find inspiration beyond pasta with marinara sauce, check out the Barilla mix and match recipe builder. And remember to share your creation with the world.  #WorldPastaDay

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