The Truth About Veganism

Considering a vegan lifestyle? We tackle misconceptions associated with a plant-based diet, debunking the myths of veganism.

By Vicki Martinez


It’s hardly a new diet but, in recent years, veganism has gained popularity not only as a way of eating but also as a lifestyle with a conviction of purpose.

Still, there are many misconceptions about a plant-based, whole-food diet. To clear up some common “untruths,” we went to Pure Blends™ ambassador and vegan influencer Jasmine Briones, aka Sweet Simple Vegan.

Live Naturally: Veganism is not simply eating veggies every day. Your own journey to a vegan lifestyle was a process of learning and discovery. Tell us about that.


SweetSimpleVegan: Initially, I became vegan because I was looking for a way to lose weight. So, it wasn’t a healthy relationship at first. But as I began researching veganism and through social media, my eyes were opened to a whole different world. I became passionate about making a positive impact on the world both ethically and environmentally through my food choices. The health benefits are an added bonus.

It was important to focus on the positive—what I was gaining rather than what I was giving up.


LN: Give up meat, eggs and dairy? That sounds hard. It’s a valid concern among people considering veganism. Tell us about your experience with making the transition.

SSV: I’d never tell anyone it’s easy. I had to change food habits and preferences developed over 18 years. So, it was important to focus on the positive—what I was gaining [a healthier lifestyle] rather than what I was giving up.

And today, there are so many veganized products available—pizza, burgers, vegan cheeses and healthy substitutes—that you’re not giving anything up. You’re just changing to a healthier style of eating.

For a veganized pasta recipe, check out Jasmine’s Garlic Buttered Pasta using Pure Blends™ plant butter.

LN: There’s a lot of misinformation available, especially around the idea that vegans don’t get enough protein in their diet. Can you set the record straight?

SSV: Many plant foods have protein. Some of my favorite go-to sources are nuts and seeds and legumes. In fact, hemp seeds (which I use in many recipes and even as a topping) have 10 grams of protein in 3 tablespoons. Legumes like chickpeas and lentils are protein-rich and very versatile. There are also a variety of mock meats available [pea protein in particular] that are delicious and have more protein than a traditional beef burger.

LN: Your blog is filled with simple recipes using common kitchen fare, not exotic and expensive ingredients. What do you say to people who believe going vegan is expensive?

SSV: Sure, if you order vegan dishes at restaurants or buy “fancy” pre-made meals you’ll spend a lot. I urge people to approach it from a practical sense. Products like dried lentils and rice are inexpensive, especially in bulk, and can be used in a variety of different recipes. It’s also a good idea to shop for produce in season when it’s less expensive. And, as with any diet, meal prep and meal planning are essential to saving money.

For more simple and delicious vegan recipes (and to learn more of Jasmine’s story), visit


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Disclaimer: All health claims are via studies and research highlighted in this article, and are not made by Pure Blends.