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Is Working Out at Home or at the Gym Better?

Is it smarter to hit the fitness center for your workouts or exercise in your family room? Here we help you weigh the pros of each.

By Kellee Katagi

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Working out at home is becoming more popular, with home fitness apps, smart fitness equipment like the Peloton and our crazy schedules. But, which is better, working out at home or at the gym?

I live in a divided household. My husband can’t stand working out at home, while I gave up going to the gym a solid 15 years ago. We both have our reasons. Whose are better? Here, we give our three best…and leave you to judge.

Top 3 Reasons to Go to the Gym

The gym keeps you accountable. If you struggle with motivation, paying for a gym membership may be the kick in the pants you need. Who wants to throw their money away? Plus, the presence of other people may spur you to not give up when you feel like bagging a workout. Especially if you join group classes or meet friends there, the gym can provide camaraderie and accountability, both of which have been proven in studies to help you stick with exercise commitments.

It offers variety. Not many of us have enough money or room to amass the volume and scope of workout equipment and options even smaller gyms provide. Factor in the array of classes and training opportunities, and there’s no way home workouts can compete.

It cuts out distractions. The hard part is often getting to the gym, but once you’re there, you don’t have many options beyond exercise. No couch, no fridge, no unfinished projects beckoning. You don’t have much choice but to get ’er done.

Top 3 Reasons to Exercise at Home

Working out at home saves time. Add up the minutes you spend gathering your stuff, driving to and from the gym, checking in, getting settled in the locker room, waiting for classes to start or for people to get off the equipment you want, and it can easily double your time commitment. To me, this is the biggest of deals.

It saves money. Make a one-time investment in a few dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bands or whatever equipment you like, and you’re set—no monthly fees or rate hikes. In case you need workout direction, the Internet is brimming with free workout videos of all ilks (get started at or Many of them require no equipment at all.

Check out our top picks for home workout equipment.

It nixes comparison. At home, it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or whether you fix your hair. You don’t get discouraged if others seem to be more fit or get sucked in to pushing yourself harder than you should so you don’t look wimpy. You can do your own thing without distraction or perceived peer pressure.

So, where do you land: Team Home or Team Gym? The important thing isn’t which one you choose, but rather that you do choose one—so pick a side today and get moving!

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