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Talking with Tracey Madeiros

Introducing home cooks to a culinary journey of organic and non-GMO cooking Vermont-style.

By Live Naturally Staff

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Tracey is the author of four cookbooks, including her latest, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017). The cookbook has recently been selected as a finalist for a Readable Feast Award in the Socially Conscious category. Additionally, as a finalist the book is also a candidate for the People’s Choice Award, which may be voted upon through June 17, 2018 by anyone who visits the voting link.We caught up with her to learn more about newest book and her passion for cooking…and Vermont.  

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your cooking/recipe development background.

I have always loved everything that is food related, even as a child I liked to cook. My dream was to one day study the art of food and its preparation. To this end, I enrolled at Johnson and Wales University where, after graduation, I quickly became interested in the sustainability movement. My love of farmers’ markets and roadside food stands led to the birth of my first cookbook, Dishing Up Vermont.  I am also the author of The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook and co-author of The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook. The fall of 2017 saw the release of my fourth book, TheVermont Non-GMO Cookbook. Each of my books seem to pave the way for my next literary adventure.

What inspired you to write your latest cookbook?

While writing my newspaper column and my second cookbook, The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, I became more and more aware of, and interested in, the workings of the non-GMO movement. I kept hearing the term and speaking with folks who leaned in that direction. As time went on and this movement became stronger, I found that more and more farmers, chefs and food producers were following this philosophy. As a result, I started using more organic and non-GMO ingredients and this soon became my way of life. My newest book, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook,is my way of introducing the reader to the folks who work so hard to give us products that benefit both the planet and the consumer.

The book is described as a culinary journey through the Green Mountain State. Can you elaborate on this?

The book focuses on the non-GMO and organic elements of the food system throughout the entire state of Vermont. The book’s emphasis is on food transparency: “Know What is in Your Food.” It simplifies the complexity of the movement with recipes that include ingredients that do not contain genetically modified organisms. The book takes the reader throughout the Green Mountain State to not only its tiny villages and picturesque towns, but also to Vermont’s lively cities. The reader travels from the quiet of rural farms to quaint rustic bakeries; meets ice cream, candy and maple producers; visits cafes, restaurants, co-ops and general stores; and wineries, canneries and learning centers. All of the farm contributors featured are certified organic and the food producers are either certified organic, non-GMO, or both. Each of the chefs and restaurants in the cookbook feature organic and non-GMO on their menus.

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Folks will find ideas for serving healthy, delicious meals using recipes that offer alternatives to the foods that we usually eat. Along with these recipes, profile formats are used to introduce the reader to the book’s contributors.  I wanted to put a face on the hardworking folks who took time out of their busy lives to share their stories with me. It was important to me that readers not only savor the delicious recipes but also walk in these folks’ shoes for a bit and share their thoughts, dreams and passion for what they do.

As you connected with farmers, chefs and food companies in Vermont, did any interesting stories pop up that stand out to you?

Each of the contributors had a unique story to share. When speaking with the farmers and businesses who are featured in The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, I was truly amazed by their unwavering sense of commitment to their communities, the great state of Vermont, and our beautiful planet—not just for today, but for all of the tomorrows to come. Their passion is so inspiring. Even though Vermont’s historic GMO Food Labeling Law was nullified, these hardworking folks forge on, working to educate consumers on the importance of knowing what is in your food!

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Try some of her favorite recipes from the book:

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