Breaking Bread: Making Connections Through Food

Sharing food with others has been a part of human history for millennia. Here are some fun and unique ways to both figuratively and literally break bread with friends and family.




Despite the uncertainty and stress brought on by a global pandemic, there was a silver lining. We began spending more time together. So, let’s embrace this as an opportunity to reinvent the communal dinner table.

Break Bread at Brunch

Brunch is a meal where it’s socially acceptable to serve a sweet and fruity french toast alongside a Reuben sandwich. Try a toast-themed brunch featuring your favorite breakfast toast recipes alongside some creative open-faced sammies (on toast). Of course, don’t forget the mimosas!


Team Breakfast:

french toast

Team Lunch:

cucumber sandwich


Beet Toast

Break Bread on a Board

A charcuterie board (pronounced "shahr-ku-tuh-ree") is traditionally an assembly of cured meats and gourmet cheeses, often including olives, fruits, nuts, plus dips and spreads.
There’s no reason for delicious cuts of meat and fancy cheeses to remain unaccompanied by their favorite leavened loaf. A sandwich charcuterie board is a fun, playful way to please the palates of adults and kids alike. No one said you can’t have PB&J next to prosciutto or mayo on your mortadella.

Get the recipe > 


Break Bread with Beer

Forget wine and cheese pairings. Create culinary compliments using craft beer. A few general beer pairing rules of thumb: Pair by intensity: light and crisp beers work best with lighter fare, while bold brews hold up well to bold-flavored food Balance aromatic hoppy beers with rich, full flavors Look for pairings that have similar flavors such as spicy with spicy, sweet with sweet, and fruity with fruity

Try this Tuna Nicoise Sandwich with a Pilsner >


Tuna Niçoise Sandwich


Break Bread from a Basket

A picnic basket that is.

Outdoor banquets became popular during the Renaissance and are believed to be the predecessor to the picnic. Sharing meals creates a common ground where conversations forge bonds regardless of whether you choose to set up.


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