All Butter. All Vegan.

Butter-inspired vegan recipes you’re going to love.



All Butter. All Vegan.

Butter-inspired vegan recipes you’re going to love.



Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? Three professional chefs create delicious dishes and share why Miyoko’s vegan butter makes each dish extra delectable.


Richard Chang

Chef Richard Chang

Award-winning Chef Richard Chang of Wolfie's Nashville Hot Chicken and the recently opened L.A. vegan sports bar, Put Me in Coach, serves up a spicy and bright butter shallot rice with kimchi, incorporating Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter in every aspect of the dish.

Chang starts by creating a from-scratch chili garlic oil, which adds heat and flavor to the other elements of the dish. Although oil is the main component, Chang adds several tablespoons of Miyoko’s butter. “The reason we add butter to this sauce,” he explains, “is because it rounds out the flavors and elevates it to another level. Everyone’s gonna ask you ‘What’s in this that makes it so good.’ You could keep it a secret, or you could tell everybody it’s milkless butter.”

As the chef melts some of the vegan butter in a pan, preparing to cook the mung-bean-based egg for his dish, he has this to say about Miyoko’s butter: “This butter … can’t even tell that it’s vegan. It has the properties and performance of any of the great butters that I’ve worked with in the past and has great aroma and great flavor.”

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Tara Punzone

Chef Tara Punzone

Chef Tara Punzone, owner of Pura Vita Italian restaurants in West Hollywood and Redondo Beach, recreates one of her restaurant’s top-selling pasta dishes.

As she melts several tablespoons of Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter that she’ll use to roast the cubed butternut squash, Punzone explains why she loves Miyoko’s products for her recipe. “Miyoko’s butter is so incredible. It browns, it cooks down in a saucepan exactly the way you want it to. It has an incredible earthy aroma; it brings out the flavors of all the dishes.”

Typically, a blended sauce like Punzone’s creamy cashew-based butternut sauce uses olive oil. “If you were to use olive oil, it’s great,” she says, “but this butter just takes it to the next level. The butter is incredible. It completely changes the taste.”

Chef Tara sums up her overall opinion of Miyoko’s vegan butter by saying: “It’s absolutely my favorite, favorite vegan product on the market right now.”

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John Lui

John Liu

John Liu is the Chef for the family-owned restaurant Chifa, serving unique Chinese and Peruvian dishes in Los Angeles. Chef Liu shares a family favorite that’s simple to make yet filled with complex flavors.

As Liu melts some Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter in a pan he shares that he enjoys working with the product “because it not only cooks like butter, but the taste is actually fantastic.”

Sampling his completed dish, Liu shares what you can expect after making the dish yourself: “You can taste the creaminess of the butter and how it brings out the flavor of the shiso.”

Throughout the cooking process, Liu offers nothing but praise for the vegan product. His overall opinion is summed up best when he says, “I love Miyoko’s butter because it performs extremely well, no matter what you’re cooking. The flavor is fantastic, it helps enhance and elevate anything you’re doing. And it’s good for you.”

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Watch the chefs in action and find more incredible butter-forward vegan recipes on The Vegan Butter Channel by Miyoko’s Creamery.


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