Probiotics in Drinks

Probiotics in Drinks

A quick and tasty way to get healthy bacteria to your tummy.

By Live Naturally Staff

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It’s hard to ignore the call to consume probiotics: They maintain our bellies’ natural balance of good and bad bacteria, which strengthens immunity and prevents digestive tract issues. But if you’re not keen on popping probiotics in pill form (you can also get probiotics in some foods, like sauerkraut and tempeh), why not go the drink route? Here are a few options, all USDA-certified organic.


Lemon Cayenne Sparkling Probiotic Drink

Light and refreshing, KeVita drinks contain four probiotic strains, with 4 billion CFUs in each bottle. They come in a range of flavors; one of our favorites is Lemon Cayenne. Sweetened with stevia, one 16-ounce bottle has only 10 calories.




Trilogy Kombucha Tea

Brewed in Asia for centuries, Kombucha is a sour-tasting tea fermented by probiotics: bacteria and yeast. Each 16-ounce bottle of Trilogy Tea contains 4 billion CFUs of probiotics. The trilogy: raspberries, lemon and ginger for flavor; 60 calories per bottle.




Plain Kefir

Kefir is a tart, tangy, fermented milk drink that contains more probiotics than yogurt. Each 16-ounce bottle of Simple Truth’s organic kefir hosts 12 probiotic strains and 15-20 billion CFUs per 8 ounces. Bonus: This drink is 99 percent lactose-free, has 11 grams of protein, 30 percent of your RDA for calcium and 110 calories per bottle.



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