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Fight Inflammation with Water

Hydrogen water is a Japanese trend making its way to the United States. Learn more about it!

By Live Naturally Staff

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It’s a widespread trend in Japan—and it’s making its way stateside: hydrogen water. Numerous studies—mostly in Japan thus far—suggest that hydrogen may work as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation. A study with elite athletes revealed that drinking hydrogen water reduced lactic-acid buildup and decreased muscle fatigue.

According to Cody Cook, Ph.D., president and chief medical scientist of HTWO Hydrogen Water, continued research is also indicating that molecular hydrogen gas (in hydrogen water) may slow the progression of aging disorders, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.

“Since molecular hydrogen gas can generally and quickly reach all the cells of the human body, the benefits of hydrogen-infused water can be observed for a wide array of tissues and organs,” he says. 

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