For Earth Day and Every Day: Here’s How Amazing Grass Does It
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For Earth Day and Every Day: Here’s How Amazing Grass Does It

Amazing Grass brings its brand purpose to life with positive initiatives and programs in 2021.

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Every day is Earth Day at Amazing Grass, makers of plant-based superfood powders from responsibly and sustainably grown greens. Since its beginning, the environmentally friendly company has strived to make the world simply amazing by creating certified organic, non-GMO products to help people be healthy. For 2021, Amazing Grass has organized a board of “change makers” to focus on ideas for taking small actions that make a positive impact within the company, our communities and the world.

“The change makers are a group of employees from across the company,” shares Tracey Le, brand manager for Amazing Grass. “This past year, we got together to discuss different things we could do in 2021 to really bring our brand purpose to life and to make sure we were giving back to our communities and making those small steps to create a big, positive change.”

The group came up with four quarterly efforts that, according to Le, “encapsulate causes and passions of Amazing Grass staff”: nutrition, sustainability, education and diversity/inclusion.


At the beginning of this year, Amazing Grass supported Vitamin Angels, a well-recognized cause that provides lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children around the world at risk of malnutrition, with a $25,000 donation. “Malnutrition is the leading cause of death for children under age 5 globally,” says Le, “and Amazing Grass is really proud to partner with Vitamin Angels to provide these women and children with lifechanging vitamins.” Le adds that Amazing Grass looks forward to continuing this partnership throughout the year.


For the second quarter, Amazing Grass is promoting its commitment to tackling climate change and reducing its environmental impact with Drink Green, Go Green, a sweepstakes with environmentally friendly prizes, including a Tesla MODEL 3, electric bikes and Amazing Grass product packs to help consumers live a healthier, greener lifestyle.  A 100-percent plant-based company, Amazing Grass is proud to source all of its cereal grasses—wheat, barley and alfalfa—from USA farms, which have 100 percent of their supply chain within the USA. “This saves carbon fuels,” says Le, adding that all Amazing Grass product tubs are recyclable, too.


For their third quarter initiative, Amazing Grass plans to focus on nutrition education in schools. “We are looking to continue to educate on the importance of nutrient-dense foods and understanding sources of your food, and supporting education by partnering with schools to donate healthier foods and enable greater access to good nutrition,” explains Le, adding that this program may also be in the form of grants for students to create their own programs around nutrition.


Finally, during the fourth quarter of 2021, Amazing Grass will bolster its commitment to inclusion and diversity within its company and communities by supporting minority-owned businesses. “We plan to continue to feature, collaborate and support minority-owned businesses through our social channels and via dollar contributions to support minority owned start-ups,” shares Le.

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