Trend Watch: Seaweed, Pegan Diet and Fermented Foods

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By Live Naturally Staff

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A Sea of Seaweed

It has grown well beyond sushi. Seaweed is going mainstream in many more forms: seaweed snacks, seaweed chips, seaweed crackers. What’s the buzz? This dark-green superfood is a low-calorie source of protein and fiber; is richer in trace minerals and vitamins than kale; and contains all kinds of goodness, including vitamin C, iodine and antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Paleo + Vegan = Pegan

A compromise between two popular diets—paleo (meats, nuts, fish, vegetables) and vegan (fruits, vegetables, grains)—the “pegan” diet allows for 75 percent fruits and vegetables, with the other 25 percent filled with organic animal protein, healthy whole grains, lentils and high-quality fats such as nuts, coconut and avocados. So what’s the benefit? Peganism has the potential to lower cholesterol and decrease diabetes risk, according to experts like Mark Hyman, M.D., author of <i>10-Day Detox Diet Cookbook<i>.

ferment2 Reasons to Eat Fermented Food

  1. Foods with live cultures—aka fermented foods—encourage good bacteria in your tummy. Foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso and kimchee, and drinks like kombucha contain naturally occurring probiotics, which encourage growth of good bacteria to keep your gut happy.
  2. A recent psychological study suggests that probiotics in fermented foods can ease social anxiety. How? More good bacteria in your belly means less irritation and inflammation, so your tummy feels better, your mood is better, and you experience less anxiety, stress and depression.

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