Simple Swaps for Plant-Based Success


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With these trusted brands, it’s never been easier to enjoy plant-based success.


JUST Egg does the trick when you find your plant-based breakfast isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With 5 g of protein per serving and no cholesterol, this pillowy egg substitute is sure to curb your cravings—whether they’re for omelettes, French toast, or a classic scramble.

Barilla Legume Pasta

There’s just something about twisting a fork into a hearty pasta that warms the soul during the cold winter months. And though most dried pasta is made without eggs, a common concern for those wanting to move toward a vegetarian or plant-based diet is a lack of protein. Enter Barilla Legume Pasta. Made of either chickpeas or red lentils, these delicious little morsels include just one ingredient and are a great source of protein and fiber—so you can feel good about diving into a bowl of this classic comfort food.

Beyond Meat

It turns out you can have that big, juicy burger and eat it too with Beyond Meat’s “delicious, nutritious, and sustainable proteins.” But with more than just burgers—we’re talking steak strips, sausages, breakfast patties, popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and jerky—stocking up with Beyond Meat ensures no meal is off limits!

LÄRABAR Original Fruit & Nut Bars

What started with a bit of hunger on a hike turned into a business now 20-plus years in the making. Mindfully made using anywhere from two to nine whole-food ingredients, these grab-and-go hunger savers are a good source of fiber, with a bonus boost of protein. Plus, they’re vegan, kosher, non GMO, and free from gluten, soy, and artificial sweeteners. And with an impressive list of flavors, chances are you’ll find at least one the whole family will love!

Get creative with plant-based swaps!

If your recipe calls for egg …

… swap it with a flax or chia seed “egg” to mimic the hold that eggs lend to recipes, or aquafaba (the liquid from cooking chickpeas) for egg whites.

If your recipe calls for meat …

… swap it with tempeh and tofu, which will absorb all those tasty flavors from the dish; or mix up walnuts and mushrooms with your favorite flavorings to replicate ground beef.

If your recipe calls for cheese …

… swap it with nutritional yeast, which has a creamy texture and nutty cheese-like flavor (and subs easily for parmesan); or crumbled tofu for a ricotta-like texture.

If your recipe calls for butter …

… swap it with your preference of coconut, olive, or avocado oil; nut butters; and, in baking, try applesauce, mashed banana, or avocado.

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