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Five Picks for Travel Workout Gear

Ultra-packable items that will up your chances of staying fit when you travel

By Kellee Katagi

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Few things can squash your fitness momentum faster than a vacation or work trip, especially if your accommodation’s gym is sketchy or nonexistent. But with light, easy-to-pack travel workout gear—and the slightest bit of motivation—you can squeeze in enough exercise to be able to pick up where you left off when you get home. Sure, you could work out with no equipment at all, but the presence of these items in your luggage will be a visual nudge to exercise—if for no other reason than to justify the suitcase real estate you granted them.

TheraBand Resistance Band Set. There are a lot of fancier resistance-band products out there, but they’re overkill when it comes to your travel needs. This set is professional-grade and super-light, and will take up negligible room in your bag. Plus, it’s a mere $9.55 on Amazon for a two-band advanced set (more resistance) or $8.65 for a three-band beginner set.

Power Systems AirRope. Rope jumping is fantastic cardio any time, but especially when you’re traveling. The equipment is light, you can do it in one spot, and it takes way less time than traditional cardio, often with superior results. But there’s a catch: To do it, you need high ceilings and the right kind of floors. Enter the AirRope ($33.52). It simulates a regular rope almost perfectly and can be used in any type of room. Tip: Opt for the regular version; not the weighted Pro variety.

FitDeck Bodyweight. Create varied, do-anywhere travel workouts on the fly with this set of cards ($38.92), featuring bodyweight exercises. They’re especially helpful when you can’t access your favorite workout app or YouTube channel—perhaps because of spotty Wi-Fi or low battery.

HyperGo After Sports Wipes. These oversized (12 inches square), hypoallergenic wipes are ideal when you don’t have the option of a post-workout shower. They’re biodegradable; contain aloe, vitamin E and oatmeal; and come unscented or in a mint fragrance ($9.99 for 10 individually wrapped packages).

Que Collapsible Bottle. Brilliant! This lightweight silicone water bottle reduces to half its size for travel. It’s BPA-free, plastic-free and darn stylish (choose from 15 eye-pleasing colors). It comes in 12-ounce ($19.95) and 20-ounce ($24.95) sizes.

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