Tempeh: What It Is, Recipes & More

Going plant-based? Cooking more vegetarian recipes? Just looking for a healthier vegan protein? Tempeh is full of nutritional benefits and it’s incredibly versatile. Read on to find out what it is, why you should add it to your diet and how to cook with tempeh — with delicious recipes!


Tasty Tempeh Recipes

Tempeh is soy-based and full of healthy protein, making it an excellent addition to any plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan dish. Not sure how to get started? Try our best tempeh recipes!


What Is Tempeh?

Made by fermenting cooked whole soybeans, tempeh is high in protein and fiber, plus it's a great source of probiotics, vitamins and nutrients. It originated in Indonesia and since has made its way around the world as a vegan diet staple.


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