Dietitian Direct: What Your Health Has Been Waiting For
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Telenutrition: What Your Health Has Been Waiting For

Kroger Health dietitians are personal advocates for your nutrition. They’re passionate about food and their goal is to guide you through all the obstacles and nuances to healthy eating.

By Vicki Martinez

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Part of Kroger Health’s unique approach to Food as Medicine includes providing access to their specially trained Kroger Health dietitians. 

To make this easy, convenient and comfortable, Kroger Health launched a unique video chat service—the first nationally available nutrition offering of its kind—Telenutrition.

Telenutrition: A two-way video chat appointment with a licensed and registered clinical nutrition expert who can connect you with specific food items that meet your personalized health needs.

“Consulting a dietitian is more popular than ever. Dietitians have been in hospitals, outpatient settings and food service for many years,” says Bridget Wojciak, RDN, LD and Senior Nutrition Coordinator at Kroger Health. “Recently, the public has started to gain awareness about dietitians and how they can bridge the gap between what people know about health and what they actually do in terms of healthy eating behavior.”

Did you know? You can meet virtually with a Kroger dietitian to help you achieve your personal wellness nutrition goals. Learn more about Telenutrition.

Let’s Talk

Eating healthier through better nutrition is a very individual journey. No two are the same. During your video chat, your dietitian wants you to do most of the talking. “In order for us to give you personalized nutrition advice, we have to get to know you as a person,” says Wojciak.

Some of the most common feedback they receive is on how much the session seems like it’s an in-person appointment and feels like a normal conversation. 

Kroger Dietitians

A Unique Approach to Food as Medicine

Kroger Health dietitians are registered and licensed clinical experts on nutrition. But their expertise goes well beyond the book-smarts.

Product Knowledge

Changing your entire diet due to a medical diagnosis? Considering a switch to a vegetarian lifestyle? Trying to add more superfoods to your family’s diet? 

Everything you receive from your dietitian (nutrition goals, shopping list, recipe ideas, educational materials, product recommendations) is specifically curated for you based on the information and input you give during your appointment. “Blanket nutrition advice doesn’t help people change their behaviors to be healthier,” says Wojciak.

Counseling Techniques

Kroger Health dietitians also have skills in counseling techniques. They use reflective listening to understand where you are in what Wojciak calls “the spectrum of readiness to change.” During your video chat, your dietitian wants to get to know you, your lifestyle, your needs, what you want to learn and your goal for the appointment. 

Their specialized counseling techniques make behavior change feel easy. Their goal is to make sure you feel heard and not told what to do while encouraging accountability through goal setting.

Food Through a Positive Lens

These highly skilled and expertly trained clinicians are also foodies at heart. They love the grocery store! They create a positive atmosphere around food. You can still eat the foods you love and enjoy because eating healthy doesn’t mean suffering. 

Wojciak sums it up: “We’ll help you incorporate the foods that you love into your nutritional goals while empowering you to make healthy food choices. We believe you can do both.”

*Not conditioned on the purchase of items or any future services. This is a temporary service to the public to promote individual nutrition and health in our community during the declared COVID-19 emergency.


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