Cooking with Greek Yogurt

Ways to incorporate this multi-purpose ingredient in your cooking routine.


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For those who like to cook at home and need certain staples on hand, keeping a tub of Greek yogurt in the fridge at all times is a must: It’s highly versatile and works for any and every time of day.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up—maybe a smoothie or a scoop of yogurt topped with granola and nuts—or having a full-fledged dinner party and need a knockout dressing, Greek yogurt has you covered.



For Greek chef and cookbook author Diane Kochilas, cooking with Greek yogurt is an everyday thing and present in all three meals: “I have it for breakfast, then sometimes I make a Ranch dressing with Greek yogurt for a salad for lunch if I don’t want to use something more fattening,” she says. “For dinner, I’ll use it as a marinade, with spices and mustard or honey and olive oil, or a lamb dish baked in a Greek yogurt crust.”

It’s thick, so it holds together better and tastes better in all these scenarios, she says. (Even kid favorites can feature Greek yogurt: This mac and cheese recipe with a delicious, crispy topping can be customized to your heart’s content.)


Macaroni and Cheese with
Greek Yogurt


Macaroni and Cheese with  Greek Yogurt

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When it comes to healthy swaps, Kochilas uses Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream when she wants something less fattening. A good rule of thumb to make the swap: use the same amount, and opt for whole-milk Greek yogurt over low-fat varieties. When cooking sauces with Greek yogurt to sub for sour cream, be careful not to overheat it, lest it start to curdle. Kochilas uses Greek yogurt and eggs to make a béchamel-type sauce. For cakes and breads, “Greek yogurt adds a great moisture,” she says. “It gives the dough a certain springiness.”

If you’re pining for sweet instead of savory, there are several eye-popping treats that also call for Greek yogurt. When you freeze Greek yogurt, what do you get? Frozen yogurt, of course. And when you say “fro-yo” to kids, they’ll listen!


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