Chef It Up with Romy London
Photo Credit: Romina Callwitz

Chef It Up with Romy London

Creating vegan food that is both delicious and exciting.

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When it comes to cooking, food blogger and professional food photographer Romy London believes that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it is meant to be enjoyed. When she first went vegan, she started to make vegan versions of dishes she already knew. Nowadays, she loves experimenting with new ingredients and different cuisines, learning and trying new techniques and bringing it all together to create vegan food that is both delicious and exciting. In her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Roasts (Page Street, 2022), she shares hearty plant-based recipes worthy of celebration.

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Romy London’s Vegan Pot Roast

Chef It Up with Romy London

Cooking Tips:

1. To assemble the perfect roast meal, I usually recommend one main dish, sometimes more if you’re serving more than four people or if their tastes are extremely different, plus three to four sides and a sauce.

2. There can never be enough mushrooms on the dinner table, if you ask me. I like to sneak them into my dishes as much as possible, as they add delicious depth to each meal.

3. Tempeh is a delicious ingredient in stir-fries and fantastic to use in roasts. It brings its own aromas into the recipe, and it’s also a great ingredient to soak up any marinade flavors.

Vegan Roast

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