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Chef It Up with Mandi Hickman

Sharing a passion for fueling your body with the right food to feel good both mentally and physically.

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Mandi Hickman created her food blog, Dash of Mandi, to share wholesome, easy and satisfying recipes. “My goal is to inspire people to cook more despite their busy and chaotic schedules. I love spending hours in my kitchen, experimenting and creating new recipes,” she says. Mandi shares that her passion for health and cooking came from an unhealthy past. “I used to be obsessed with my weight and counting calories. I was more focused on what I looked like on the outside than how I felt on the inside. I wasn’t consuming nearly enough of the nutrients that I needed in a day. Eventually, I realized this wasn’t a healthy lifestyle for me at all. Now I’m a firm believer in eating real, whole foods that fuel and energize me.” In her first cookbook, The Tex-Mex Table (Page Street, 2021), the Austin, Texas resident shares 60 healthy, great-tasting recipes inspired by the Lone Star State. 

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Mandi Hickman’s Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajitas

sheet pan

Cooking Tips:

1. Tortillas should be a household staple because of their versatility.

2. For people who don’t want to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, oven meals (aka casseroles, sheet-pan meals, enchiladas) are the way to go.

3. Pico de Gallo adds the perfect touch to any taco, burrito, enchilada… or pretty much any Tex-Mex style dish.

mandi hickman

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