Chef It Up with Rachel Ama
Photo Credit: Rachel Ama

Chef It Up with Rachel Ama

This vegan chef loves to create dishes that make flavor-packed vegetables the worthy hero of every meal.

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Rachel Ama launched her YouTube channel in 2017, amassing a legion of followers who are all hungry for her simple, affordable and delicious vegan recipes and recommendations (and her dance moves). Rachel knows the London vegan scene inside-out, but she also looks abroad for flavor inspiration, and to both her Caribbean and African roots. Her latest cookbook is One Pot: Three Ways (Voracious, 2021). 

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Rachel Ama’s Caribbean Curried Jack with Coconut Flatbreads and Tomato Red Onion Salad

curried jack

Cooking Tips:

1. Adding fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander or mint at the end of a dish topped with a squeeze of citrus (lemon or lime) is one of the simplest ways to bring additional fresh flavors to your meal to take it up another level.

2. Having a big pan that can both be used on the stove and go in the oven is so incredibly handy for multiple uses. Toast spices, sear vegetables, then throw it all in the oven for a quick, easy, delicious meal.

3. Taste as you go! Season as you go! Use your tastebuds, this is the fun creative part of cooking!

one pot three ways

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