Chef It Up with Janneke Philippi
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Chef It Up with Janneke Philippi

Cooking up ideas for every season.

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Janneke Philippi is an author and food stylist who writes a monthly column in the popular Dutch food magazine Delicious. For close to 15 years, she has been developing recipes—writing, testing and food styling. “Cooking for a photo, as it is so beautifully called, is something I do every day,” she says. “My recipes are always familiar, yet special with a twist. But above all, a recipe has to be tasty, you want to make it again and again: a new favorite for your cooking repertoire.” In her latest cookbook, Salad: 100 Recipes for Simples Salads & Dressings (Smith Street, 2022), Philippi share an array of recipes, from lighter choices for lunch to heartier options for an evening meal, with ingredients that range from vegetables and grains to pasta and legumes to fruit and fresh herbs, plus simple dressings, toppings and sides for a taste for every season.

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Janneke Philippi’s Bok Choy Salad

Chef It Up with Janneke Philippi

Salad Tips:

1. Lettuce is crunchiest and most delicious when picked fresh. Therefore, keep lettuce for as short a time as possible. A whole head of lettuce will hold up better than cut leaves.

2. Today, lettuce heads usually come already washed. Nevertheless, it is still important to wash lettuce again at home to remove any dirt that has landed on the crop during transport and in the store. If washing a lettuce head, gently pry open the leaves and wash them in a generous bath of cold water, then pat dry gently with a clean tea towel. If washing lettuce leaves, you can spin them dry in a salad spinner.

3. If your lettuce has started to wilt, immerse the head or leaves in an ice bath for a few minutes to refresh.

Salad cookbook

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