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Chef It Up with Caitlin Greene

In her debut cookbook, Just Eat Real Food, Greene shares more than 60 of her best recipes for everyday meals that will thrill, comfort and nourish you through and through.

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Caitlin Greene is a recipe developer and food photographer as well as the founder of Star Infinite Food. She grew up in a family of chefs and has been honing her skills since she was five years old. She is passionate about healthy recipes that play with innovative flavor combinations. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Caitlin’s Cashew-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Chef Tips:

Basic kitchen tools. My list of top essential kitchen tools is: one solid, sharp knife; one serrated knife; saucepans in different sizes (I prefer cast iron); one or two wood cutting boards; measuring spoons; liquid measuring cups and solid measuring cups (there is a difference); wooden spoon(s), spatula and whisk; food processor; hand grater; electric hand mixer or stand mixer (optional); mixing bowls of a few different sizes; two sheet pans; one muffin pan and/or loaf pan.

Best type of salt to use. I always use Himalayan pink salt or sea salt. These salts are less refined, and they have a milder flavor. They are also loaded with beneficial minerals.

Preferred method of frying for a healthier option. Air frying, using an air fryer appliance, is my go-to. You’ll get a crispy outside and the moist inside similar to deep-frying in oil—but without the oil. It’s the new, healthier way to fry food that doesn’t sacrifice taste and is much less messy.

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