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The Lowdown on Healthy Bread

Everyone's looking for the best thing since sliced bread – and we may have found it.

By Kellee Katagi

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Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread


Why we like it: For peak nutrition, opt for flourless sprouted-grain bread. Using sprouted, mashed whole grains instead of flour increases both the amount of nutrients and the ability of your body to absorb them. What’s more, Food for Life sprouted breads are generally frozen, extending shelf life without preservatives and locking in nutrients. Each slice contains 4 grams of complete protein, 3 grams of fiber and 0 grams of sugar. Bonus points for: non-GMO, organic, vegan, flourless, kosher


Dave’s Killer Bread Organic Good Seed

daves killer bread

Why we like it: An organic seed mix grants this bread a nutty flavor, a crunchy texture and bonus nutrients. Each slice provides 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 520 mg of ALA omega-3s, making it bite-for-bite one of the most nutritious loaves you can buy. Bonus: Each purchase helps former convicts turn their lives around. Bonus points for: kosher, non-GMO, organic, whole grain certified


Oroweat Multigrain Sandwich Thins

Orowheat sandwich

Why we like it: Achieve sandwich or bun perfection with the new recipe for these thin-sliced rolls that contain only 150 calories each but pack in 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Ingredients include a whole-grain mix with bulgur, barley, wheat, quinoa, millet and more, plus olive oil and salt, making for a hearty texture and taste. Bonus points for: high-protein


Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain

Why we like it: With 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein and only 70 calories per slice, this tasty bread raises the bar for gluten-free offerings. Taste, texture and nutrition stem from a hearty whole grains mix—brown rice, sorghum, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. Bonus points for: gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, whole grain certified, dairy-free, nut-free


Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat

natures own

reakfast, or stacked with your favorite sandwich fixings for lunch. It’s free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and it uses brown sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup, to achieve its slight sweetness. Bonus points for: dairy-free

Oroweat/Brownberry/Arnold 100% Whole Wheat

brownberry arnold oroweat

Why we like it: A lot of bread labels tout “whole wheat” on the package, but look closer and you’ll often find the whole grains are just a fraction of the flours used. For max nutrition, look for “100% whole wheat” on the label. This loaf delivers 21 grams of whole grains per slice and a wholesome taste, without any artificial ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup. Bonus points for: whole grain certified


Oroweat Country Potato Sandwich and Hot Dog Buns

Orowheat buns

Sliced breads aren’t the only one cleaning up their act: Buns are improving, too. On the package you’ll see a “No Added Nonsense” stamp, highlighting the soft and fluffy buns’ simple, recognizable list of ingredients.

BFree Soft White Rolls

BFree BunsA great gluten-free, dairy-free bun option with 5 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of fat per roll.

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