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Barilla Pesto

Barilla pesto sauces are made with fragrant Italian basil and freshly grated Italian cheeses that provide irresistible flavor to a variety of dishes. Available in two variations, Creamy Genovese Pesto and Rustic Basil Pesto, Barilla’s pesto sauces combine creamy with classic, making them perfect to be paired with all of your favorite foods from pastas, grain bowls, and risottos to sandwiches, wraps and pizzas.


HOP WTR is a non-alcoholic sparkling hop water crafted with bold hops and mood-boosting ingredients. This blend of stress-busting hops, adaptogens, and nootropics bursts with healthy benefits while tasting light, crisp, and satisfying. Cheers to never having to choose between having fun or missing out—from barbecues to bonfires, this non-alcoholic, no-calories, no-carbs, no-sugar beverage is the perfect plus one to all your social plans.


No matter where you are in your plastic-free journey, Lunchskins food storage bag has a perfect alternative to single-use plastic that fits your lifestyle. These bags are ideal for using at home or on the go. Affordable and earth friendly, their dishwasher-safe reusable bags can be used over a long time. And their durable paper bags are easy to use once and toss responsibly.

Simple Truth Guava Flower & Blood Orange Body Wash 

Simple Truth Guava Flower & Blood Orange Body Wash is made using ultra moisturizing formula that makes it gentle on your body and the planet. Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates, this vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free hypoallergenic body wash leaves your skin feeling nourished while being environmentally sustainable.

Bob Evans Farmhouse Favorites 

Elevate your plate with Bob Evans Farmhouse Favorites. These veggies require no prep work and are packed with flavor. After just 5 minutes in the microwave, you’ll have restaurant-style sides to add to your meal! You’ll hear your food whistle while it heats up in its innovative packaging—ensuring the same crispy texture, vibrant color, and delicious taste as restaurant-style veggies.

TRUFF Original Hot Sauce 

TRUFF’s Original Hot Sauce is intricately infused with a blend of black truffle—the black diamond—chili peppers, agave nectar, and savory spice to bring you the pinnacle of heat experience. Splash on some TRUFF Signature Hot Sauce to elevate your favorite pizza, spice up your avocado toast, or transform your scrambled eggs. For a “less sweet, more heat” experience, try TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce.

Derma-E Vitamin C Daily Brightening Cleanser 

Boost your skin’s natural radiance and cleanse away the dullness with pH-balanced Derma-E Vitamin C Daily Brightening Cleanser. Formulated with licorice extract, green tea, glycolic acid, and pro vitamin B5, this facial cleanser shields and strengthens your skin’s natural moisture defenses and gives you a healthy and clean glow. It is 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free, gluten free, and GMO free. This cleanser is effective in removing makeup, dirt, and oil, while assisting in balancing the skin’s pH.


Soylent has created the most nutritionally complete, most convenient, and most sustainable food on the planet. And yes, it tastes amazing. Offering nutrition in convenient formats, Soylent makes sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing, and affordable. Soylent is creamier, smoother, and tastier than other dairy and plant-based products. Soylent is portable, requires no refrigeration and is shelf stable for over a year. You can enjoy it anytime or anywhere, without prep or clean-up!


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