mame's burritos

Home-style Gourmet Burritos

This Denver based company makes all-natural burritos with traditional flavors and homemade sauces.

By Live Naturally Staff

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What started as a food truck in Denver has morphed into a grocery-store-available burrito with a home-style taste. “My mom, Mame, started the company in 2005 when she was 65 years old,” says daughter and Mame’s Burrito Company CEO Lisa Wolff. “She was in the corporate world but then got breast cancer, so she took time off from work. As she was getting better, she started asking herself, ‘What do I want to do when I grow up?’ The answer was to start a food truck.” 

According to Wolff, Mame always loved to cook, and gourmet burritos were one of her specialties—hence the company name. From the start, Mame’s goal was to be the best burrito out there.   

“One of our sayings is ‘Real food just tastes better,’ so we source the best ingredients possible and as much local as possible,” says Wolff. The food truck lasted a few years, and then Mame and her team decided to ramp up and produce burritos for sale in grocery stores, like King Soopers. 

“We’ve modified our burritos to be all-natural with less-traditional flavor combos, like Chicken with Chipotle Sauce and Chorizo and Sweet Potato. We also custom-make all of our sauces and seasonings,” says Wolff. “We’re definitely a family of foodies.” 

Find Mame’s Burritos in the frozen section.

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