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Holiday Gifts for Foodies: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for fun ideas for the foodies on your list? We’ve got you covered.

By Rebecca Heaton, Kellee Katagi and Shaelyn Katagi

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The holidays are nearly here, so we’ve created the ultimate holiday gift guide for foodies. Carefully selected by our editors, the home chefs and food enthusiasts in your life we’ll love these unique gifts.



Tortilla Press Kit

Tortilla Press Kit

Whip up authentic street tacos in minutes with the Tortilla Press Kit by Verve Culture. The kit includes a real-deal tortilladora—a gorgeous red-powder-coated, cast-iron tortilla press, handmade in Mexico—and a matching handmade warming towel. It’s super-easy to use—simply mix masa corn flour with water, roll into balls, flatten the balls in the press, and heat the pressed dough on a griddle or pan. $45


Chef iQ Smart Cooker

Chef iQ Smart Cooker

Little or no time to cook? The Chef iQ Smart Cooker is a set-it-and-forget-it pressure cooker with lots of cool features. It pairs seamlessly with the Chef iQ app, which features guided cooking and how-to videos and recipes, and the ability to create custom cooking settings for your favorites. Use the cooker to sear, sauté, steam, slow-cook, even ferment. Measure ingredients via the built-in scale. And monitor your meal using the app. $200


Farberware Plastic Soft Holder Spoon Rest

Farberware Plastic Soft Holder Spoon Rest

For cooks who like to pull up recipes on their smartphone or tablet, the Farberware Plastic Soft Holder Spoon Rest gives your device—and spoon—support. Rest a cooking utensil on the holder, and set your device in the slot for easy viewing while you cook. Rubber caps on the bottom of the rest keep everything secure on your counter. $20.99


Classic Happy Planner – Foodie

Classic Happy Planner – Foodie

Anyone who likes to make recipes—or even just keep them organized—will appreciate the kitchen-oriented offerings from The Happy Planner. The Classic Happy Planner – Foodie recipe organizer has room for 160 handwritten recipes, divided into eight categories, including Favorites and Healthy Fare, plus a bonus bound-in pad for shopping lists. All planners are spiral-disc-bound and feature beautiful photos. $27.99



The Wonderffle Cast-Aluminum Stuffed-Waffle Iron,

The Wonderffle Waffle

Get playful in the kitchen with The Wonderffle Cast-Aluminum Stuffed-Waffle Iron, which makes Belgian-style waffles that you can easily stuff with all kinds of deliciousness—savory or sweet (or both—think a Monte Cristo with turkey, ham, Swiss cheese and jam). The cast aluminum means the pan is nonstick and portable (no cord!), so it can be used on electric and gas stovetops, outdoor grills or any open flame. $69


Muggo Travel Mug

Heated Travel Mug

Keep coffee or tea hot to the last drop with the self-heating Muggo travel mug. A high-tech reinvention of the traditional travel mug, the 12-ounce Muggo can be used at home, at the office or on the go to keep beverages at a precise temperature setting—between 95 and 150 degrees—for up to three hours. The mug stays warm via a rechargeable battery that attaches to the base. Set preferred temperature via touch-sensitive LED buttons. $129.99


Enameled Dutch Oven

Enameled Dutch Oven

Handmade by a husband-and-wife duo in their Upstate New York workshop, the elegant—and environmental—5.5-quart Enameled Dutch Oven from Borough Furnace cast-iron cookware is a kitchen workhorse on the stovetop and in the oven. Use it for braising meat; cooking soups, stews and sauces; frying chicken; and even baking bread. Made from recycled iron in a furnace powered by electricity from wind offsets. $240


Balmuda The Toaster

Balmuda The Toaster

Balmuda The Toaster may be the ultimate in toasters. The oven-style device takes a techie approach, using steam to crisp the bread’s surface while keeping the inside from drying out. Various modes allow you to adjust for the type of bread, as well as to heat pastries, pizza and more to perfection. Bonus: Its classy design will elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic. $329


Drinkmate instaFizz

Insta Fizz

For people who like sparkling water or drinks, the Drinkmate instaFizz makes adding bubbles easy. Simply pour your favorite drink into the 21-ounce bottle, twist the base to fizz and, voilà, you have a bubbly beverage. Perfect for back-to-school, the office and when you’re on the move. $59.99


DIY food kit from Global Grub

DIY food kit

With many of us cooking at home more, give the gift of experience with a DIY food kit from Global Grub. Make things like Japanese mochi ice cream balls, sushi or fortune cookies. Each kit includes instructions, shelf-stable ingredients and special cooking tools. Home cooks just add their favorite fresh/basic items to customize to their tastes (for example, ice cream flavors for the mochi kit). $27.99–$31.99

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