Try This No Sugar Added Chocolate


By Rebecca Heaton

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If you’re trying to cut back your sugar intake but you love chocolate, there’s no need to sacrifice your sweet tooth—try some Lily’s Sweets. Since 2011, the Boulder-based company has been crafting delicious chocolates made with a special blend of fair-trade cacao and natural, non-GMO, sugar-free stevia.

Lily’s Sweets makes everything from chocolate bars to baking chips (“our number-one seller,” according to CEO Jane Miller) to soon-to-be-launched milk-chocolate and dark-chocolate peanut butter cups. The company is also working on chocolate-covered almonds and peanuts, with founder Cynthia Tice leading the charge on innovation.

“Cynthia’s favorite food is chocolate, and she is a longtime natural foods pioneer and an early adopter of stevia,” Miller explains, adding that it took Tice a number of years to perfect her formulation.  

“Our research shows that 84 percent of consumers are trying to cut back on sugar,” Miller says. “A lot has to do with popularity of the keto diet. And our tagline is simple: ‘Less sugar. Sweet life.’ If you love the taste of sugar, you can enjoy our chocolates without any of the repercussions.” More at

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