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Probiotic Coconut Water

Inner-Eco is more than just a drink.

By Live Naturally Staff

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Inner-ēco Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic was a mission before it was a business, says cofounder Niki Price.

Price started the company in 2008 with fellow Denver elementary school teacher, Barb Vogel, who had experienced digestive issues for much of her life and found coconut water to be of great help. During their time teaching, Price and Vogel helped their students conduct a letter-writing campaign to stop slavery in Sudan. The effort resulted in creation of the STOP (Slavery That Oppresses People) educational campaign and garnered a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the kids.

To this day, Price and Vogel donate proceeds of their profits to benefit numerous causes and organizations. “When you support companies that support others, you can help change the world,” Price says. Visit to learn more about their products and charitable efforts locally and around the world.

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