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Granola with Benefits

Boulder-based business Purely Elizabeth produces granolas, oatmeal, and bars, that are not only good but good for you!

By Live Naturally Staff

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When she started her holistic nutrition business in 2009, Elizabeth Stein of Boulder-based Purely Elizabeth wasn’t thinking about making granola. Muffins were her forte. “Many of my clients were gluten-free, and I wasn’t seeing healthy options for baked goods to recommend. So, I started to make my own,” she says. Her first recipe was a blueberry muffin mix.    

After a broader audience, as well as local media, discovered the muffins at her tent at a local triathlon—“More people were interested in my muffins than my nutrition services,” she laughs—Stein jumped into the muffin and pancake mix business. 

Fast-forward to 2011, when she was inspired to make a batch of granola. “My mom was visiting, and she’s a granola connoisseur,” says Stein. “When she tried my blend, she declared, ‘Oh my god, this is the best ever! This needs to be your next product’. ” That Original Ancient Grain Granola blend continues to be a best-seller.  

Today, Purely Elizabeth is focused solely on making nutrition-rich granolas, oatmeal and new grain-free superfood bars. “It’s all about creating better food for more people,” says Stein.

Visit to learn more. Also check out Stein’s cookbook, Eating Purely (Skyhorse, 2015).

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