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An All-Natural Hot Sauce with a Colorado Kick

Colorado hot sauce company Burns & McCoy, a family owned business, creates all-natural hot sauces and more!

By Live Naturally Staff

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From mild to hot, hot, hot, Burns & McCoy’s award-winning creations please all palates. Since 2014, the family-owned company in Fort Collins has been concocting all-natural hot sauces, salsas, dressings and drink mixes with a kick. “We’re all foodies, so our products go flavor-forward first, heat second,” says CEO Jay Turner.

Burns and McCoy Turner and the team—his wife, mother, sister and brother-in-law—are proud to be hands-on. “We manufacture and source everything ourselves,” he says, adding, “We like being in the kitchen and working on different flavor profiles than what most Coloradans are accustomed to.” That means sauces and salsas with a twist. “Our Especia Roja Hot Sauce, for example, is a very authentic southeastern Yucatan, Mexico, flavor, with our spin of roasted pumpkin seeds and cumin,” explains Turner. “And our Tomatillo Jalapeno Mint Salsa has added ginger and mint for a more unique flavor profile.” He recommends using it as a salsa, as a topping on pork tenderloin, or even as a base on pizza.

Turner is also proud of Burns & McCoy’s 36 international awards, including the prestigious Screaming Mi Mi, “the ultimate award in the hot sauce industry.” 

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