Easy Kitchen Upgrades You Need in 2020
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Easy Kitchen Upgrades You Need in 2020

Boost your culinary satisfaction with these five kitchen tools.

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Rowan ApAn Apron with Style

Keep your clothes safe from splatters while cooking or grilling with a Rowan Apron. Available in three gender-neutral colors—khaki, indigo and charcoal—to suit guys and gals, the apron has adjustable backstraps to fit most sizes and four large pockets to stash cooking tools. There’s also a detachable snap-on hand towel—available in several patterns and colors—to wipe your hands on and keep the apron clean longer. Made of washable 100 percent linen. $139, threadandwhisk.com

Hurom BlenderHigh-Speed Blendings

The Hurom Hexa Power blender has some serious “oomph.” With six blades that, according to Hurom, create a “tornado” within the two-liter container, and a powerful motor with speeds from 16,000 on up to 30,000 RPM (faster than a Vitamix!), this workhorse can handle all of your blending needs. Adjust speed via an easy-to-use dial or press one of the pre-programmed buttons for smoothies, soup or crushed ice. Can you say fancy frozen cocktails for your next party? $349, hurom.com

Radical PanFlip Foods Like a Pro

Chefs on TV make flipping food in a pan look so easy. With the cleverly designed Radical Pan, you too can flip food like a master chef. The pan is designed with a raised 3.5-inch lip on the side opposite the handle, making it easier to shake and flip foods without losing everything all over the stovetop. And did you know that tossing food in a pan makes for more efficient cooking? This nonstick pan has been health- and safety-tested and is free of PFOA and other toxins. Comes in three sizes; $79.99–$99.99, radusa.co

A Cutting Board with Flex Appeal

Flex Cutting Board

At first glance, the Flexible Wood Cutting Board looks like a regular ol’ cutting board. But lift it up, and you’ll understand its name. The top layer is a real hardwood veneer fused to food-grade silicone, creating a lightweight, flexible cutting surface that grips to the counter and then bends so you can easily transfer and pour chopped ingredients to a pot or pan. But you’ll need to treat it like any other wood cutting board: oil the wood side every now and again, and clean with hot, soapy water. $29.95, thegrommet.com

Plate OrganizerPlate Organizer

The Food Cubby is a clever gadget with multiple uses, from pleasing picky eaters to helping young ones more easily scoop their food, to controlling portion sizes. Made of BPA-free silicone, the gadget suctions to a flat dinner plate, creating a “wall” that separates food portions for those who don’t like things touching, as well as a barrier to scoop food against and onto a fork or spoon. $14.99, foodcubby.com

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