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No More Food Waste


By Rebecca Heaton

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Throwing away food. It’s something we do more often than we would like.

Sadly, the statistics are shocking: About one-third of the planet’s food goes to waste. Meanwhile, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, nearly 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger.

Growing up, my mother was adamant about my sister and me cleaning our plates at every meal. She reminded us of how her parents, who lived in Europe during World War II, lived through numerous food shortages, wondering where their next meal would come from.

I remember during one visit with my grandparents, my grandfather pulled the rinds of a honeydew melon from the top of the garbage and showed me how much I’d let go to waste. He rinsed the rinds and cut out a surprising amount of perfectly edible melon. This memory has stuck with me, and I’ve conscientiously tried to live by his example since.

In this issue, we spoke with Virginia Till, a recycling specialist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about the issue of food waste and the agency’s Sustainable Management of Food program. Till offers up a number of helpful tips on how you as an individual can reduce food waste. See our Q&A with her here.

I’ve been doing my best to put Till’s tips into practice, particularly when it comes to meal planning and shopping. Before heading to the grocery store, I make sure to scan my fridge and pantry for what’s still fresh, and then buy just what I need for that week’s meals.

Speaking of meal planning, we have an array of recipes in this issue for you to cook up. Think cauliflower is boring? Our recipe developers have morphed it into a delectable curry sauce over root vegetables, a pizza crust with savory toppings and even “tater” tots! Check out the mouthwatering photos and recipes on pages 30–32. We’ll also take you around the world with delicious international dishes (pages 35–38) and make sure you’re fueled for the day with a selection of healthy breakfasts that break the cold cereal mold (page 42–43).

Enjoy eating healthy, and join me in trying not to waste. Don’t you want to show off those yummy leftovers to your jealous workmates?

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