Here are three of our favorite grilling tools this summer. 

Smokey Flavor

Infuse a light smoky flavor to any of your grillables with Fire & Flavor Cedar Wraps, made from western red cedar. Soak wraps in water for a few minutes (or try wSmokyine, sake or bourbon for added flavor!), then place veggies, fruit, or meat or fish in center, fold and tie with a string (provided), and cook on grill 3–4 minutes, or until food is done to your liking. 

Marinade Set

Keep grillables marinated during cooking with the Taylor Precision 4 Piece Marinade/Sauce Set. Fill the easy-squeeze bottle with sauce or marinade and attach brush or injector piece to spread or inject more flavor to food. Dishwasher safe. $19.99

Sustainable Grilling

Don’t have a grill? Or want to grill when you’re camping? The CasusGrill is a nifty and sustainable option. Made from natural cardboard, lave stone and bamboo (the “charcoal” is made from bamboo sawdust), the grill lights with a match and heats to 600° within minutes to cook your food in a flash. When you’re done, simply douse with water and toss in the trash, burn in the campfire or bury. The package will biodegrade within six months. $14.95