Whether you practice yoga to de-stress and relax or to recharge your batteries and regain a sense of self, or if a vigorous, heart-pumping workout is your goal, you are part of an upward trend. According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, the number of U.S. yoga practitioners has increased to more than 36 million, up from 20.4 million in 2012.

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga are three of the most recognized yoga practices. Yet, there are hundreds of hybrids, offshoots or unique types of yoga that are waiting for you to explore. At the SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs, Colorado, we invite the wide world of yogic and healing practices. That way, they can explore and expand their practice as their needs and skills grow.

3 New Yoga Styles to Try 

Yoga was for Mayans, an essential part of life. Known as Yok’hah Maya, this ancient civilization from Mexico and Central America, based their “Mayan Yoga” on the profound understanding of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology. Frequently performed at Mayan pyramids, it incorporated aspects of Maya philosophy, spirituality, hand signs, postures, breath control, chants and meditations.

At SunWater Spa, Miguel Angel Vergara has introduced this sacred practice to local yogis. Connecting and honoring the five elements found in ancient Mayan practices, each set of movements, designed by Vergara, evoke the healing power of one element

The restorative power of water is at the root of Aqua Yoga, a low-impact, flowing yoga practice that is suitable for everyone. Practicing in the water promotes stability, core strength, joint health and balance. Through a series of poses and exercises, you will find your bliss as you become stronger, refreshed and completely relaxed.

Known as the “yoga of the mystics,” Kundalini Yoga is a blend of Bhakti Yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control) and Shakti Yoga, (for the expression of power and energy). Each class is as different as the instructor, but the highly therapeutic sessions will leave you feeling free, creative and renewed.

A great way to expand your yoga practice is by attending yoga and wellness festivals. Set in Boulder, Colorado, from June 14–17, the Hanuman Festival 2018 will open your heart while you experience awakening, belonging and connection in a four-day celebration of world-class yoga, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences and nourishing community. Live Naturally readers can save 10% on Hanuman Festival 2018 passes with code: sunwellness2018. Buy now. 

Kat Tudor is the founder and co-owner of SunWellness Companies, as well as a yoga instructor and artist. SunWater Spa and SunMountain offers a variety of yoga programs, from restorative and gentle aqua yoga, to Ayurveda and a version of a traditional Hatha practice, Sivananda yoga, a 90-minute class with an alternating focus on movement, breath and conscious relaxation to bring awareness within and encourage calmness. More at sunwellness.net.