• Clean as you go. When you are waiting for dinner to cook, knock out some of the dishes. Get in a rhythm—wash even faster by sorting them and doing the same style dish all at once.
  • Seriously sparkling sinks. Kitchen sinks host a lot of cleaning but rarely get cleaned. Fill the sink with hot water and a few squirts of Boulder Clean Liquid Dish Soap, and soak 15-20 minutes.  After soaking, scrub grime away with a brush, then rinse it down the drain and out of your kitchen!
  • Deep clean your grill rack. To start grilling season on the right note, soak your grilling rack for a few hours in a mixture of water and Boulder Clean Liquid Dish Soap. Once the grime has loosened up, scrub it with a wire brush and rinse. 


  • It’s all about the hardware. Handles and hardware in the kitchen are often a hotbed of germs. They store grime in the nooks and crannies and rarely get cleaned for how often they are touched with dirty hands. Spray some Boulder Clean All-Purpose Cleaner on a cloth and wipe down the microwave handle, fridge handle, cabinet hardware and any other handles you can find. 
  • Messy microwaves. Microwaves are often a mess of caked-on food and bacteria. Deep clean it once every two months to keep it fresh and clean. If you made a mess, clean it up while it’s still wet.  It will get harder and harder to clean the longer it dries.
  • Wash your workspace. Your desk may seem cleaner than a kitchen counter, but it can be caked in bacteria. From lunch-time spills to crumby keyboards, it needs the occasional deep clean. You’ll find yourself more focused when your workspace is fresh, clean and smelling great.
  • Dilute Boulder Clean All-Purpose Cleaner with water (to desired ratio) and use as a floor cleaner.


  • Clean the outside of the toilet bowl. Have you ever cleaned it? No? Exactly! All kinds of grime accumulates down below.  Trust us, it needs a good wipe down.
  • Clean your shower while you shower. You’ll stay clean (not sweaty), the water will wash away all the nastiness you scrub off and you’ll knock out two tasks in one!
  • Don’t forget the ledge. The shower ledge is often overlooked, between soap scum and shampoo rings it is typically a total mess and in desperate need of a scrub down. Don’t miss the corners; they accumulate water and are a sneaky spot for mold and mildew to hide.