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Mushroom and Bok Choy Potstickers Soup


This dumpling soup is an easy take on a delicious classic Asian dish, thanks to the addition of ready-made potstickers from Annie Chun’s. 

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Hearty and invigorating dumpling soup with all the trimmings: vegetables, glass noodles, and mushrooms. A wonderful soup to complete every meal. 

Recipe Type: Soup
Author: Annie Chun
Serves: 2
  1. Slice the Bok Choy into bite-sized pieces. Soak the glass noodles with warm water until soft, drain and set aside. Follow heating directions on package to pan-fry the Annie Chun’s Potstickers until crispy, set aside. 
  2. Heat up the chicken broth in a medium-sized pot. Bring it to boil. Add the Bok Choy, glass noodles, Potstickers and mushrooms. Cook for 1 minute, season the soup with sesame oil. Add the scallions into the soup and serve immediately.
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