Innovations with Superfoods

From algae to avocados, there's a lot of innovation happening in the superfoods category.

By Live Naturally Staff

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Look for these nutrition-packed superfoods in all kinds of new forms.

Seaweed salad garnished in white bowl.

Green foods: Algae and seaweed are turning up in more products, shares food-trend analyst Kara Nielsen (@TrendologistK on Twitter). “We’ve been talking about greens like kale for so long, but these healthful green foods are also full of nutrients,” says Nielsen. Algae are available in culinary algal oil, a vegetarian source for omega-3s (found mainly in cold-water fish like salmon). And seaweed, full of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iodine, is expanding its reach from sushi, turning up in bars and crackers.

Bottle of avocado oilAvocados: This healthy fat is being rehabilitated, says Nielsen, and we’re finding more ways to enjoy avocados without the mess of peeling and pitting them. For example, avocados are being used in more convenient packaged products, like mini portable guacamole dips. Avocado oil is also emerging as a healthy oil option in potato chips and popcorn.

chickpeasChickpeas: These plant-based proteins are experiencing a transformation, thanks in part to the growing popularity of eating non-animal proteins. Although we think of hummus as a mainstream use, says Nielsen, we’re seeing chickpeas in pasta, chips and snacks, and even as a gluten-free option to breadcrumbs. Keep your eyes peeled for green chickpeas, too. They’re picked straight from the vine and flash frozen, preserving their unique taste.

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