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New Products: Healthy Drinks

From drinks that support fitness to all natural milk alternatives, healthy drinks are trending. Here are two of our favorites!

By Live Naturally Staff

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From drinks that support fitness to all natural milk alternatives, healthy drinks are trending. Here are two of our favorites. 

Skoop It Up

What if you could fit a bunch of essential nutrients in just one scoop? That’s the idea behind Skoop, a plant-based, gluten-free, powdered mix of nutrients and superfoods that you simply scoop, shake and drink.

Available in four different blends for different nutrition needs—from a healthy kick start to the day or a midday snack to athletic endurance, post workout fuel or healthy skin—Skoop is made with 100-percent organic fruits, veggies, greens, fibers, herbs and flavors, plus even more vitamins and minerals. Add a scoop or two to your favorite dairy or nondairy milk, juice, or smoothie.

Along with being good for you, Skoop is doing good for school kids across the country. The company donates 3 percent of every purchase to the Chef Ann Foundation to fund Project Produce grants, which help schools launch fun educational activities like samplings of fresh fruits and veggies to connect kids with healthy eating.

Based in Colorado, Skoop is on a mission to make super nutrition convenient to everyone. Learn more at

Over the past decade or so, nuts have become a nutritionists’ darling. And for good reason: According to the Mayo Clinic, nuts are linked with improved heart health, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. And they are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein — all important for maintaining a healthy diet. That’s why many health fanatics now incorporate nut-based beverages into their daily diets.

Nuts for Nutchello

nutchelloThat’s also why we’re loving Nutchello, Silk’s new line of dairy-free drinks. Available in three flavors—Caramel Almond Cashew, Dark Chocolate Walnut and Toasted Coconut Cashew—Nutchello is a nut-based “milk” with no artificial flavors, colors or added caffeine. A nice afternoon pick-me-up, each 48-ounce bottle contains 6 servings, each a mere 90 calories per serving with 14 grams of sugar — significant health benefits when compared to an 8-ounce container of whole milk chocolate milk, which has more than 200 calories and about 24 grams of sugar.

Find Nutchello with other refrigerated natural drinks at your local King Soopers or City Market. Read more about these and other dairy-free drinks at

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      Hi Donna,

      One of the Nutchello flavors is made with walnuts (the Rich Dark Chocolate & Walnuts flavor). Let us know if you try it!

      Live Naturally Team

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    Just to clarify, each SERVING is 90 calories and 14g of sugar, not the whole 48oz. bottle. So, still better in comparison to 8oz of the chocolate milk you discuss, but there’s still a bunch of calories and sugar in the entire bottle!

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      Hi Kristin,
      Yes, that is for each serving. And yes, there is still sugar, but it’s not in the form of unhealthy high fructose corn syrup or processed sugar. Thanks for your comment!
      Live Naturally Team

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    Despite a reader comment, and a response from live naturally you still haven’t fixed the story! Each serving has 90 calories. The story still says 48 ounces has 90 calories. Wrong! 48 ounces has 540 calories.


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