Jocelyn and Ashley with TLL FIT

Workout with Jocelyn and Ashley of TLL FIT

TLL stands for The Lavender Lifestyle and finding a balance with life, exercise and healthy eating. Try a free TLL 35-minute workout!

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Jocelyn and Ashley

Sisters, best friends, coaches and, most importantly, moms! Between the two, Ashley and Jocelyn have experienced it all: crazy on-the-go life, being a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, pregnancy fitness, postpartum fitness, fad diets, nutrition struggles and more.

Both sisters are NASM-certified personal trainers and certified nutrition coaches, also holding a B.S. in Health and Fitness Management. In addition, Ashley has a B.S. in Nursing, along with years of prior R.N. experience. 

The Lavender sisters created TLL FIT to help women step into their power and become who they were always meant to be, inside and out!

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35-Minute Upper-Body and Ab-Focused Workout

Workout type:
Upper body and abs
Yoga mat (optional) and dumbbells


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