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Tanya Becker – Physique 57

Meet Physique 57 trainer and founder Tanya Becker, and try her 30-minute body-sculpt home workout, targeting your backside.

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Tanya Becker

Tanya Becker

Tanya Becker is the co-founder and creator of the Physique 57 Method. Prior to developing this groundbreaking ballet barre-based method, she was a professional dancer and choreographer. During a break from performing and choreographing shows around the world, Tanya became a fitness instructor at The Lotte Berk Method’s New York City studio, where the seed was planted for her life’s enduring passion. She spent the next decade honing her skills as a fitness professional and developing a following as one NYC’s top instructors. In 2006, she teamed up with Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi to execute their shared vision of creating the world’s best barre studio: Physique 57.

Tanya also choreographs and leads workouts for Physique 57’s award-winning DVDs and online workout videos and co-authored The Physique 57 Solution.Tanya regularly appears in health and fitness segments on national TV, including QVC, HSN, Today, The Dr. Oz Show and The Better Show. She has been featured in Vogue, Shape, Redbook, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine and People and has also been a guest speaker at Stanford and Columbia universities.

She was recently a featured trainer at the World Barre Summit and continues to teach on a variety of digital platforms.

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30-minute Backside Body Sculpt with Tanya Becker

Workout type:
body sculpting
mat (optional)


Tanya’s pre/post-workout nutrition tips:

I mostly work out in the morning, so I usually start my day with Bulletproof French Kick coffee with PicNik Keto creamer (made with grass fed butter+MCT oil). If I’m teaching, I will usually fuel up for more endurance with Qi’a Super Seeds & Grains oatmeal. For personal workouts, I eat egg whites, spinach and avocado.

Post-workout I usually have a protein shake (Vega Protein Made Simple in Caramel Toffee flavor) or a hard-boiled egg. I use coconut water to hydrate.

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