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Meet Mom and Blogger Shanicia Boswell

The founder of Black Moms Blog shares more about her online community and the joys and challenges of motherhood.

By Live Naturally Staff

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On her globally known Black Moms Blog, Shanicia Boswell talks about parenting, culture and lifestyle from a Black mom’s point of view. We caught up with her to learn more.

Catch Shanicia at the following events at the Wellness Your Way Festival:

  • October 11, 2-3 p.m.: The Modern Mom, Speaker Series @ Inspire Stage
  • October 12, 3:30-4:30 p.m.: Trusted Influence, Speaker Series @ Inspire Stage

What does the term “wellness” mean to you?

When I think of wellness, I think of mental and spiritual well-being. Especially being a mom, the “idea” of wellness seems like a foreign concept for most of us, at least when it comes to our own state of being. As mothers, we are constantly putting ourselves last to put our family and children first. Wellness to me manifests in different ways in my life. Sometimes it’s an afternoon of quiet time. And when I am able, wellness is jumping on a plane and going somewhere tropical for a few days just to get away.

What inspired you to start your Black Moms Blog?

I was inspired to start Black Moms Blog to create a space within the already existing space of motherhood to positively reflect Black parenting. At the time that I started Black Moms Blog there was not a lot of African American blogs solely dedicated to what it looks like to parent…from a Black mom’s point of view. The platform does not just focus on my point of view, but has grown to a collaborative effort of Black mothers expressing what motherhood looks like for them. 

In the almost four years that Black Moms Blog has lived, we have hosted national and international meetups, have been featured on the OWN network and the HLN Network for our views on parenting, and have grown our community to more than 600,000 members of women and mothers across the board. I couldn’t be more excited for the future of our blog.

One of the panels you’re on at the festival is called “Trusted Influence.” Tell us more about what that will be about.

Over the years, I have built my personal and business brand as one that my audience can trust. We are 100% organic and each and everything that we promote, I stand by the authenticity of that company. It is important that we are truthful with the audience that trusts our word when it comes to parenting. 

The Trusted Influencer panel is for up and coming influencers that want to know the ins and outs to growing a sustainable online presence. It is never just about building an audience. You can pay for those. You want to build a lifestyle where your viewers feel as if you are their next door neighbor that they can come over, sit on your porch, and chat with. Our brands are about showing up in a vulnerable and loving way.

What are some of your favorite things about being a mom?

There are so many! My most favorite part though, is growing through the eyes of my child. I learn so much about myself from her.

Funny story—a few weeks ago, I got on to my daughter about something she was doing that was becoming a bad habit. I won’t mention it here out of courtesy of her personal business (and mine!). As soon as I corrected her on this indiscretion to tell her to be more aware of it, she says to me as sweet as ever, “Well Mommy, you do it too.” I paused for a moment and reflected. Even though I didn’t see it in that moment, I told her I would be more aware of my actions, too.

Surely enough, about a day later, I did the very thing I had scolded her about. I laughed to myself and made sure I told her that she was right and that mommy would work on not repeating that problem as well.

The truth is, children are the real teachers. We are simply here to facilitate their journey.


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