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Innovative Get-Fit Gear to Solve Your Fitness Challenges

Smart solutions for 5 common exercise challenges.

By Kellee Katagi

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From a Shark Tank-backed pain-relief product to a clever exercise bench, these innovative fitness products solve your workout problems—and zap your “not-today” excuses.

Zeno Gym BenchZeno Gym benches.

If you’ve transferred your workout to your home, you’re likely missing the equipment you took for granted at the gym. But few people can afford—or have room for—a complete workout setup. Zeno Gym exercise benches are a nice compromise: They are lightweight (35 pounds), have a smaller footprint than traditional benches, and include rings to attach resistance bands and bars (some of which come with the bench), eliminating the need for dumbbells and barbells. Bonus: The benches include storage for the bands and other accessories. $345–$949;

Sweat MateThe Sweat Mate.

When it comes to exercise, few things max out the gross-o-meter more than tossing your sweaty clothes, dirty hiking gear, wet towel or stinky shoes straight into your gym bag or car. Sure, you can put the offending items in a plastic bag, but, hey, we’ve got the environment to think about. Sweat Mate drawstring bags are waterproof, machine-washable, long-lasting and ridiculously stylish. Choose from three sizes and a ton of colors and patterns. $18–$28;

Chirp WheelChirp Wheel+.

Ergonomically better than a foam roller and drastically less expensive than a massage chair, this simple, Shark Tank–approved product massages the muscles around your spine to relieve back and neck pain. Each wheel is 5 inches wide, with a groove that fits your spine, allowing the wheel to exert pressure on your muscles, not your bones. It supports up to 500 pounds and comes in three sizes for a variety of pressure: large/gentle ($65), medium ($55) and small/deep-tissue ($45); the small wheel also fits your neck. $99 for all three wheels, plus a carrying case, a posture corrector and tutorial videos;

Qalo RingQalo Strata rings.

Wearing a ring at the gym is often a downer—it can hurt your hand or form calluses when you’re weightlifting, cause rashes if you get sweaty, and damage the ring. On the flip side, it looks good and, better yet, may reduce unwelcome advances. And if you opt for a silicone Qalo Strata ring, it also can keep you motivated. These comfy, attractive rings come in a host of colors and patterns (men’s and women’s) and can be customized with inspiring messages—Strong is beautiful, Ran > Run, Grit and many more. And just like that, your ring goes from a liability to an asset. $29;


A recumbent cycling machine that you can power with either your arms or legs, the Excy can be used whether you’re standing, seated or lying down—making it great for people with mobility troubles or who are recovering from injury. It’s only 13 pounds and doesn’t take up much space, so you can move it around easily. The resistance ranges from 2 to 70 pounds, to challenge novices and workout veterans alike. $699–$999;

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