Holly Dolke

Holly Dolke – Pink Dragon

Meet Pink Dragon trainer Holly and try her 7-minute core home workout.

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Holly Dolke

Holly Dolke

Holly Dolke is best known for her short-format, at-home, no-equipment workouts that have transformed her body and those of millions of others via her successful YouTube channel and fitness brand, Pink Dragon, which implements three key principles: the right nutrition, daily movement and having a strong mindset. What started as a way for her to avoid the gym and find a regimen that worked best for her body turned into exercise techniques that drew 1.2+ million subscribers to her channel. Programs she offers within Pink Dragon include Ultraburn—a 90-day, 30-minute, real-time workout—and Ultradefine, a tone-and-define training program. Now with a newly launched protein powder and an upcoming app and supplement line, Holly’s brand continues to expand. 

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Burn lower-belly fat with Holly Dolke

Workout type:
mat or towel (optional)

Holly’s pre/post-workout nutrition tips:

Pre-workout: Just water and sometimes a coffee if the workout is later on and I need a boost of energy.
Post-Workout: Water—it’s all about hydration!

Pre-workout: I like to work out first thing in the morning and exercise in fasting mode. If I do work out later, my go-to food would be a banana or some dark chocolate for energy.

Post-workout: Pink Dragon Lean Protein in vegan chocolate flavor with almond milk, or an omelet with veggies.

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