Gummy Supplements
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Gummy Supplements

Adding vitamins to your routine but don’t like pills? Chewy gummies are an alternative.

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Want to add supplements to your nutrition regimen but can’t stand the thought of swallowing pills? Gummies are a great option. “The nutrients in a gummy can deliver the same nutrition as those found in pill form,” says Katrina Beluska-Turkan, MS, a scientist at Church & Dwight, makers of Vitafusion gummies.

During the fall and winter months, Beluska-Turkan notes numerous reasons that warrant considering extra supplementing. “These months come with their own set of challenges, including less sunlight, and continuing year-round immune support and, last but certainly not least, the holidays, a time that we are usually tempted with all kinds of delicious, albeit unhealthy, food. But the most important thing is that you should always consult a healthcare provider before adding supplements to your diet,” says Beluska-Turkan. Vitafusionoffers an array of gummies to help support the following:

 Vitamin D: “When your skin is exposed to sunlight, your body makes vitamin D. But in the wintertime, we have much less daily sunlight and we cover up exposed skin with long sleeves, which reduces the amount of vitamin D that our bodies can make,” explains Beluska-Turkan, adding that most Americans are not getting enough vitamin D. 

 Immune Support: “Many people prefer to take a supplement that supports immune health regardless of time of year. If this is something that interests you, look for a supplement that contains vitamin C, vitamin D and/or zinc,”
says Beluska-Turkan.

 Fiber: “Fiber is important to support the digestive tract running smoothly, and it is one of the nutrients that often gets left out during the holiday season when we tend to eat less healthy, more sugary foods,” says Beluska-Turkan.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

Vitafusion’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy


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