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Workout Tools: What We’re Loving Now

Four ways to keep your fitness juices revving

By Kellee Katagi

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Don’t let your training regimen get stale. From darn-cute resistance bands to a new exercise app, these four workout tools will freshen up your fitness.

Perfect Peach Athletics Resistance Bands

Designed by women for woman, this five-band multipack ($14.98) of elastic, loop-style bands ranges in resistance level from Light to Too Heavy and in hue from light pink to deep purple. But don’t let the bands’ soft colors and good looks fool you: They seriously amp up the difficulty of any workout. The pack comes with a mesh storage bag (making it even more perfect for travel) and a digital e-book with exercise ideas.


Nothing kills momentum like gearing up for your end-of-day workout, only to discover that your phone battery is too low to crank out your playlist or track your run. MyCharge portable chargers can save the day. Size and power options abound—from the super-slim GoMini ($19.99) with 1x extra battery power to the HubMax Universal ($99.99), with 6x extra battery power and built-in wall prongs. Or try the Adventure JumpStart ($99.99), which also includes detachable jumper cables and can be used to bring your car battery back to life. 

Gym Quickies

Our quick take on this new fitness app: goofy name, but a quality workout tool. It’s ideal for people who exercise at-home or on-the-go but find fitness videos annoying. It provides weekly, goal-oriented training plans with different workouts each day (30 minutes max) from personal trainer Jourdain Baldwin. Sound-free videos demonstrate each exercise, complete with suggested rep counts, allowing you to provide the tunes of your choice instead of being at the video-producer’s mercy. Download the app for free, and try a week’s worth of workouts. If you’re hooked, sign up for a premium subscription ($34.99 per month) and receive five new workouts a week, plus “add-ons” in case you’re feeling a little extra. 


This women’s pop-culture-oriented website is not new. But we’ve rekindled our love for its free fitness-video collection (from the top of the home page, click on Fitness and then Workout Videos). You’ll have to scroll to pinpoint videos that suit you, but it offers just about anything your fitness-loving heart desires, from beginner dance workouts to I’ll-be-crazy-sore-tomorrow strength and HIIT routines, in lengths ranging from 10 to 45 minutes.

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