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Our New Favorite Home Gym Equipment

Challenge your whole body with the easy-to-use Flex Disc, our new favorite in home gym equipment.

By Kellee Katagi

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Confession: I’m a fitness-equipment junkie. With all the home gym equipment I’ve accumulated over the years, my home rivals a small commercial gym.

Consequently, I’m also picky about new gym equipment I acquire, gravitating toward versatile items with many uses, versus one-trick ponies. I also prefer pieces that are easy to store and move, simple to assemble and use, and able to work the whole body.

My new favorite home gym tool—the Flex Disc—ticks all those boxes.

flex discFlex Disc Bundle

It’s similar to an exercise slider disc, with a few key differences. First, it has wheels (double-ball-bearing wheels, to be precise), which make it glide smoothly in any direction and on just about any surface—carpet, rubber, wood and more. The wheels also add a touch of instability, challenging your muscles and balance even more, especially when used on slicker surfaces. This is especially a bonus when you’re doing lunges, moving planks (sliding either your arms or your feet), doing push-ups and the like.

The Flex Disc surface also keeps your feet and hands from slipping during exercises, which can be an issue with other sliders. And for exercises where that’s not a problem—say, a stationary plank—the disc comes with a thick-foam pad for extra cushioning.

On the flip side, it’s heavier and bulkier than traditional sliders—not something you’re likely to toss in a suitcase—and substantially more expensive ($79.95 for a 14-inch-diameter disc and $99.95 for two 10-inch diameter mini discs versus $10 to $20 for two standard exercise sliders). But for the extra dough, you get greater durability and versatility—overall, a superior workout. Add in the Flex Box accessory ($49.95)—a dome-shaped handle that screws into the top of the discs for more-ergonomic pushups, mountain climbers and more—and you’ll get even more mileage out of the Flex Discs.

For more info and exercise demonstrations, visit flexdiscfit.com. (Pro tip: Don’t just search for “flex disc” in your web browser. It just so happens that’s also the name of a feminine-care product, so you might get more than you bargained for.)

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