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Meet ACE-certified personal trainer Ilana Milstein, and try her 7-minute glute and core home workout.

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Ilana Milstein

Ilana Milstein

Having been an avid runner since college, Ilana Milstein always had a passion for fitness and wellness. Ilana became an ACE-certified personal trainer in 2007 while working in the retail industry. Since then she has started her own business called No Excuses Training and became a Pilates instructor as well. Ilana works one on one with individuals, focusing on functional exercise and injury prevention and rehabilitation. In addition, she teaches her own method of exercise classes which combine principles of Pilates and strength training. Ilana works with all age ranges from young children to the elderly. Since the pandemic, Ilana has moved most of her business online and teaches and sees clients virtually. Ilana currently resides in Long Island, N.Y., with her husband and three children.

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7-minute glute and core workout with Ilana Milstein


Workout type:
core and glutes
mat (optional)

Ilana’s pre/post-workout nutrition tips:

I work out first thing in the morning, always on an empty stomach. The night before, I’ll prepare a large glass of water with lemons and drink that before I work out, for some hydration and to improve digestion. My post-workout meal, which I always look forward to, includes coffee with nut milk, fruit and some sort of high-fiber starch. Currently, I fill a wrap up with almond milk ricotta, chia seeds and fruit, and heat it up. When I’m in a rush, I’ll grab an oatmeal chia cup, which I buy from a friend who runs a business called Stylish Spoon.

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